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2015-01-03 10:55 pm

Friends Only

Just friends only. Thank you.

Posting all writing/fanfiction publicly.

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2012-03-12 05:00 pm

BBC Sherlock - Fanfic - Life After Death

Post-Reichenbach, needs beta.

Less than twenty four hours after his death and he’s cropped his hair. At the end of it, he looks into the mirror, seeing his face. And it's alien. )
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2012-03-09 05:21 am

BBC Sherlock - Ficlet - Debris

The detritus of everyday life lay slain across their old desk - wrappers and carry-out cartons, half-empty mugs with moldering tea, utensils glued to the surface with dried curry, papers long ago ravished by long slender fingers. Across this battlefield lay a film of dust, softening the painful edges, hiding detail from the casual eye. Except for one corner, just one, where a slim fingertip had carefully traced, "Sherlock LIVES." John stared at the lettering, breath catching, praying it was true.